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Daveybird says: Be sure to check out RSR's site for a bunch of new releases!!  :D
DaveO says: The final two tracks in the Cup series, have now been released by Hunter.  Texas Motor Speedway, and Watkins Glen.   Thanks Hunter for all of your hard work, on updating the Tracks for the Cup series!
dathyr1 says: Cool thanks Dave will get the tracks this afternoon. and thank you Hunter
DaveO says: Hunter, is at it again, releasing 3 more tracks, Richmond, Sonoma RC, and Talladega.   WTG Hunter!! :)
dathyr1 says: Do your posts over on the forum.  The shouts here are for new stuff the mod squad and other are doing/anouncing.  I have had no problem with HeatCore far as crashing.
CraigS81 says: Also, darthyr1, I go to hit F1 and it boots me out of the game. Now I don't know if that's because its only a demo and not the full the game? Not sure. I also would like to know how to change the graphics. I was hitting a ton of buttons to try to change the car view, and then somehow messed up the graphics on the game. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it again and that didn't seem to change anything.
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