Shoutbox History
DaveO says: Thanks Hunter.  Same with you, and your family.
Hunter says: happy Thanksgiving to you Dave familyand your
DaveO says: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Spike says: Rip David Pearson aka Silver Fox
DaveO says: In regard to the Mustang Model.  I have a copy of it prior to it being released for Nascar Heat.  But I was under the impression you also had that one?  Let me know if this is what your looking for.
DaveO says: For the 92-94 TransAm models, not sure if you remember, but we did create a carviewer for this mod, while it was in development. It consisted of Camaro, Cutlass, Daytona, and a Vette. Not sure if these are your models or Scott Hawbakers.
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