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NitroZeus says: The mod runs fine but still the same Winston Cup cars, which I like more. A little faster. But I want more >.<
NitroZeus says: I tried to install the G3 Monster energy 2018 mod but it seems I did something wrong. It detects the mod but the cars still the same as winston cup. I noted a slightly gain in performance but not what I'm looking for yet.
DaveO says: Rendering system is backup.
NascarHeatGuy42 says: Render system has been down for me all morning. Anyone experiencing this?
Hunter says: tell the mod you are using and maybe we can help
NitroZeus says: I like the winston cup cars. I just wish they were even faster, like the heatcore demo cars atleast. On unlimited tracks those cars goes 240mph like nothing.
I'm not going to use it online. I use keyboard. There is no way to go online without doing a mess. I feel bad enough already by just messing with bots
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