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Platinum Mod Series Milestone
« on: July 30, 2011, 09:53:20 PM »
[align=center]Platinum Mod Series Reaches 30,000 Mark [/align]

[align=justify] Blaxman, his collaborators and TheModSquad proudly announce the Platinum Mod Series is getting near to reach the mark of 30,000 downloads since the first COT mod was released on 2006 Christmas. Since then, Platinum mods has helped to take HEAT to the next level in racing simulation games.

 Seven base mods are part of "Platinum family" despite the fact the first appearence of the name "Platinum" was only in 2008 when the multi-mod concept was introduced.

 Additionally to the seven base mods, up to 14 addon mods were released featuring about 60 models and  near to 100 updated tracks. The tracks, patches and special releases are not accounted on the 30,000 mark though. Only the mods are counted.

 From now to the end of year, tribute events are being planned. Stay tuned!

 As a first tribute to all the people involved on the making of the Platinum mods, Blaxman TV produced a quick timeline video clip showing the mod\'s evolution throughout the years.  Enjoy![/align]

** For full credits and personel, please refer the mods credit screen.**


    Most Recent Platinum Mods Download Links

Nascar HEAT Essentials-2:

Platinum G2 Base Files:

2011 Sprint Cup Addon:

Track Packs:

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