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Platinum G2: 2011 Alternate Cup Paints and More
« on: October 14, 2011, 09:48:09 AM »
[align=center]Platinum G2: 2011 Alternate Cup Paints / Nationwide Carset by Rev Media Hub[/align]
Approved by Blaxman, and in-cooperation with many painters, the Revolutionary Racing\'s Rev Media Hub is proud to release the 2011 Sprint Cup Alternatives.  Spearheaded by Cody Kerr, the 2011 Sprint Cup Alternatives features 56 accurate alternative cars from the 2011 season.  Many bases were re-used from the original 2011 Cup release, with special approval from Blaxman.[/align]

Special thanks to Blaxman for the bases and creating the drivers.txt
Painters - Cody Kerr, Mustangman, BMXtwins, and LouieLouie

2011 Alternate Cup Paints:


[align=justify] The 2011 Nationwide carset is a paint update for the 2010 COT Nationwide bodies featuring the Mustang, Camry, Challenger, and the Impala. There are 45 highly detailed and accurate paints in the pack that will be distributed by Rev Media Hub and its partners under a special permission by Blaxman & TMS.
NW 2011 Download:

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