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Platinum G3 Released
« on: February 26, 2012, 01:12:45 PM »
[align=center]Platinum G3 - GET IT NOW![/align]


[align=justify]TheModSquad proudly presents the new Platinum G3 mod. The 3rd generation of the most successful mod in Nascar HEAT history. In the few lines below, a brief explanation of this project started back in 2007 when the first "Platinum family" mod was released.

 What\'s Platinum G3

 Platinum G3 is the result of  years of development work by many people from Nascar Heat community. The mod contains a lot of  material collected from many successful mods made by many successful mod and track makers of  Heat community and other sims. All the content of this mod is used under their original creators permission. The full credits can be seen at the ingame “Options” screen.

 Platinum G3 is ready to provide the addons for the  best stock car series in the world such as  “Nascar Cup Series” ,  “ Nascar Nationwide Series”, Nascar Truck Series,  Grand Am Series and possibly many other series in the near future.

 Platinum G3  is designed to support multiple stock car related mods and series that are called as “submods”. They are called submods only because they run “under” the main Platinum mod and may use any of its assets. Nothing to do with them being worst of anything in the main mod. In fact, a submod can have its own exclusive features the main mod doesn’t have. The submods can have its own models, sounds, textures, tracks, etc… The Main mod will not limit the possibilities of the submods.  

A Couple of Features

 As usual in the previous editions (G1, G2), Platinum G3 provides many exclusive features only seen on Platinum mods. A comprehensive illustrated User Guide is automatically installed along with the base files and its icon placed on your desktop. Read the guide with attention to learn how to operate your Platinum G3 and enjoy it at its best.

 Among its many exclusive and groundbreaking features, Platinum G3 brings, at its first addon (already included in base files) 8 options of Nascar models and 50 drivers/entries/race cars from the 2012 Cup Series.

 Out of these 8 models, there\'s 5 regular cockpit configurations with options for SPEK or Auto Meter gauges, 2 hood view (with and without gauges) and 1 chase view with gauges. All of them fully describe in the chapter 10 of G3 User Guide (Models Lineup).

 The other models are auxiliar vehicles specially made to provide support for online leagues with live action cautions (using human officials to operate pacecar, service trucks, caution signs, etc. The usage of these vehicles are described in the chapter 18 (Admin Carset).

 Also, mostly for online support, there\'s the "ID Pack". A pack of up to 100 pre-made mugshots to help the identification of drivers and admin functions during the race sessions. This feature will be extended and updated for the next releases to cover new users and possible mistakes made at this first release. Requests of new mugshost can be requested by recognized league admins by PM in a later date to be announced.

Unidentified Driver Detection

Still, mostly for online use, everytime Platinum G3 detect an unidentified driver entered a race, it will show up an alert ID indicating the user is required to identify himself.

Visual Enhancements

 As the computer monitors developed into bigger and better resolutions and image quality, any monitor with native resolution bigger than 1280x1024 will require the instalation of the Resolution Pack in order to patch the game to the desired resolution. This action is explained at the chapter 4 (Graphic & Controls Settings) of G3 User Guide.

 Also, as part of visual enhancements, new shining warning lights were developed to provide a more efficient awareness for the drivers.

 The same goes to the ingame chat characters. They are now bigger then the original ones in order to be seen more easily by the drivers during the races.  

Better FPS Rates

And.. last, but not least, Platinum G3 causes less stress to the computer than its older version G2.... even with more models used at the same time (6 for G2, 8 for G3). The average gain in performance is 2-3 FPS in favor of G3.

 G3\'s high and low detail comparison was tested too. The average gain by unchecking the \'High Deatil Car\' box on Graphics screen is 14-15 FPS.


Thanks to:

  -TheModSquad staff and members for all the effort, willingness and support they do for HEAT all these years.  You guys are unbelievable! for providing the servers for online tests.

  -Hunter for the track editing, specially the cool additions for Sears Point, Atlanta and other tracks.

  -Smoke for the superb tracks and the permission to use them as part of G3 Track Packs.

Very special thanks to:

 - Bowtie for sending me a small treasure still to be properly explored, but that has already been used on the making of this mod.
 - Tazmaniac for keeping TMS alive all these years!!

 - Raybee for the passionate, precise research!!! Track editing, modeling, etc, etc....

 - DaveO for the patience, tireless tests, setups, unbelievable skills and many, many more.  



 For people who are familiar to the Platinum mods:

Base files and  G3-Track_Pack-1 links:

Dual Pit Lane Tracks (Bristol, Darlington, Sears Point):


First time Nascar HEAT users will need:

Nascar HEAT CD (Patch 1.80) or HEAT Essentials-2:

G3 Base files and G3-Track_Pack-1:

G3 Dual Pits Track Pack (for ONLINE use):

All 7 SP Track Packs:

Mod Launcher-2 (properly installed):

- Once the game is set, the mod installed... read the G3 User Guide and follow the onscreen instructions to get it working properly. If anything goes wrong, no worries. Come here at TMS and post your problem  that you\'ll be helped as soon as possible.


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G3 Grand Am Addon Released


[align=center]  [/align]

[align=justify]One more time, we proudly present the result of team work at its best!!!  The porting of one of the most regarded road racing mods ever made for Platinum G2 is now available for G3. And not only available but....  UPGRADED! That\'s the G3 Grand Am.  

  G3 Grand Am now includes 31 car paints, new driving view options, 48 additional wheel/tire sets and the unique features of Platinum G3. That\'s right... you just read it right. 48 options of wheels/tire sets....  

  Along with the mod, the "G3 Track Pack #2" is also released. This pack contains 3 updated versions of Grand Am tracks included on the 2012 real series schedule. The tracks are "G3-IndyRC_GA" (Indianapolis road course), "G3-Mid_Ohio_GA" and "G3-Limerock_GA".

  I wish to personally thank Raybee1970 for being the mastermind behind most of the upgrades and improvements of G3 Grand Am. Most of the additional paints and the tons of wheels and tires came from him. So... that\'s the guy to receive the applause....  :applaud: :applaud:

  Also special thanks to Hunter for the track editing work on Mid Ohio!  :hi:  

 Here the links for those who have G3 already installed.

G3 Grand Am Addon:

G3 Track Pack #2:


 Here the links for those who are new on HEAT or Platinum G3 mods.

First time Nascar HEAT users will need:

- Nascar HEAT CD (Patch 1.80) or HEAT Essentials-2:

- G3 Base files and Cup Addon 2012:

- G3 Track Pack #1:

- G3 Dual Pits Track Pack (for ONLINE use):

- GA Track Packs 1 and 2:

- Mod Launcher-2 (properly installed):

G3 Grand Am Addon:

G3 Track Pack #2:

- Once the game is set, the mod installed... read the G3 User Guide and follow the onscreen instructions to get it working properly. If anything goes wrong, no worries. Come here at TMS and post your problem  that you\'ll be helped as soon as possible.

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