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G3 Cup Series
« on: August 09, 2013, 06:12:52 PM »
[align=center]Lepage71 Wins In Dramatic Ending[/align]

 New G3 Series Champion, Lepage71, won G3 Cup Series final race in a dramatic fashion. The victory came in the last turn when the race leader and dominant driver of the race, CruiseCtrl unfortunately ran out of gas.  Cruise was still able to cross the line in 2nd, followed by Rookiesrock in 3rd, Breeze 4th and Blaxman in 5th. The fastest lap was scored by Rookiesrock (30.351 secs).

 TMS Leagues, NHPS and HeatMasters Servers congratulates Lepage71 for the title and each one of the 24 drivers for a fantastic, competitive and fun series.

 New NHPS G3 Cup Series gallery is now updated. Hope to see your picture in there soon!!  

 NEXT ON TMS LEAGUES:  NHPS G3 Nationwide Series (to be announced soon).



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