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NHPS Cup Series 2014
« on: May 09, 2014, 09:11:32 AM »
[align=center]Rookiesrock Wins 2014 Daytona Race [/align]


  Repeating last year, Rookiesrock won the NHPS Cup Series debut race at Daytona. The 2012 NHPS (2nd season) champion started the 4th season leading 23 of 35 laps. Patch led the other 12. Fastest lap (44.321 secs) was scored by Smitty on his first start on NHPS.  
  The other top 5 drivers were  Patch (2nd), CruiseCtrl (3rd), Breeze (4th) and Blaxman (5th).  The complete results are posted on NHPS forum section.

  2014 Rookiesrock\'s car is now added to NHPS Daytona Winners gallery:


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