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Limerock Mountain Released By Smoke
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:30:01 AM »
Limerock Mountain released by: Smoke
Limerock Mountain is now available for Heat.  :D

Track Facts:
Length: 2.93 miles, 11 turns, 200 feet of elevation change, front stretch over 3000 feet
Location: Lakeville, Connecticut

A conversion of the NR2003 track by Dan Olbuck.  DaveO assisted me in trying to get in touch with Dan for permission for conversion, with no luck.  That post at has had 305 views, with no responses.  Also, we have discussed with some NR2003 track developers that have been in that community for years, and they did not know Dan or how to get in touch with him.  The consensus among all involved with trying to contact Dan, was to proceed with the Heat conversion.

The Limrock Mountain version is 2.93 miles as compared to the normal Limerock Park layout of 1.50 miles.  A future release for Heat will include the 1.5 mile Limerock Park layout. 
I will not go into detail about all the additions/changes/rework in this Heat version, but I have worked on this over the last 8 months to develop/test.

Readme description from the original developer of NR2003 Limerock Mountain:
This is an original version of historic Lime Rock Park Mountain Course in Lakeville, CT.  The Mountain Course was planned when the track was first built in 1957, but never completed.  This version is not accurate to the original - I have cut down trees and paved the forest.  Track layout is from satellite imaging and topographic maps, the best data I could find.

Thanks to:
The original developer of the NR2003 version, Dan Olbuck
DaveO:  for reviewing/testing during development.;sa=view;down=120

Enjoy...Smoke     :winking:

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