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Rockingham UK Oval Released By Smoke
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:45:41 AM »
Rockingham UK Oval Released by: Smoke

Rockingham UK Oval is now available for Heat.  :D

Track Facts:
Length: 1.479 miles Oval
Banking: 3.5-7.9 degree
Opened: 2001
Location: Corby, Northamptonshire, England

A conversion of the rFactor track, by Lasercutter/Deadeyeski. I have received permission in the past from Lasercutter to convert his tracks to Heat and have done so with his Teretonga, Oulton Park, and Seven Hills.  Those developers had several people listed as contributers in the rFactor readme which I will not list here, but thanks to Lasercutter/Deadeyeski for the rFactor version!

This is the Oval version of Rockingham UK, and the model has 13 layouts for road courses also, some of which will be done in future releases for Heat.  There are 34 pit working pit stalls, and the road course layout area is open to look around.

I have tried to extend the Heat version, from the work done in the rFactor version.  I will not go into detail about all the additions/changes/rework in the Heat version, but this has taken several months to develop/test. 

Thanks to:
The original developers of the rFactor version, Lasercutter/Deadeyeski
DaveO:  for reviewing/testing during development.;sa=view;down=134

Enjoy...Smoke     :wink:

Rockingham Motor Speedway is a modern motorsport venue in England and Europe\'s fastest racing circuit, hosting corporate driving days, driver training, conferencing & exhibitions, vehicle manufacturing events, track days, testing, driving experiences and motorsport. It is also the only intermediate oval in the UK and unique in its quadrilateral shape.

Rockingham has 13 configurations of track, which can be used for anything from touring cars to motorcycles to rally cars. The circuit is overlooked by the 6280 seat Rockingham Building, a steel-framed, glass-fronted grandstand building containing suites, offices, bars and kitchens, and by four grandstands. Together the building and grandstands offer a total seating capacity of 52,000. The inner pit and paddock complex is accessed from the Rockingham Building via two pedestrian tunnels and there is a further spectator viewing area on top of the pit garages.

The Oval Circuit: The 1.48 mile American-style banked oval circuit is 18.3 metres wide and has a maximum bank angle of 7 degrees and comprises four very distinct corners. Rockingham\'s oval is unique in the UK and one of only two speedways in Europe. The oval circuit can also be converted to a road course layout for events by positioning temporary chicanes and curves both on the main area and apron of the circuit.
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