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Lotus Elise Rel. by:
« on: July 31, 2015, 05:32:10 PM »
Lotus Exige Mod Released

Here's a brief history of this car. Lotus was looking to develop a spec racing series based on it's
popular Elise. The Elise Motorsport/Exige was the culmination of that effort. It was only made in 2000
& 2001 with a production of only 604 cars. Quite a few of them are still raced today in various races all
over the world. Some owners have kept the original drivetrain in place while others opted for more
potent drivetrains from other manufacturers such as Ford and Honda. Some have pushed the original
Rover based engine to it's limits with supercharging or turbocharging.

Quite a few people have helped get this mod to the finish line. Without their help you wouldn't be
enjoying it :).

3d Meshes: Menu's & Physics:  DaveO, Triz & Spike
Car Painting Duty:  Spike, Grumpy, Ucrdoh & Lepage
[/b]    Setups: [/b]           Ucrdoh & Spike
Car Menu Renders: Rogue
Beta Testers: Spike, DaveO, Ucrdoh & Old'n'Slow

We tried to get the Physics as close to the real thing but we didn't have anyone that has driven one test
this mod out so it isn't 100% accurate. I did find a Dyno sheet of a Race prepped S1 Exige online and
used those horsepower and torque figures as well as correct weight. Power curve is 6800rpm to Redline
and 2nd Gear can be deep but I wouldn't go any lower than 2.30 for 1st gear otherwise it will take a few
seconds from a dead stop to get up to speed. The setups included have optimal gearing for the tracks so
you can copy those setups to other tracks that have no setups currently, usually you'll just have to adjust
final gear a click or two

Download the mod;sa=view;down=543

Nascar Heat Lotus Elise/Exige Car Viewer:



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