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Nascar Legends 1965 Released by: Scott Hawbaker
« on: June 08, 2015, 12:58:38 AM »
Nascar Legends 1965 Mod Released by: Scott Hawbaker

Probably the last of the 60's series Nascar Legends that will be released by Hawbaker Motorsports. 50 plus skins, a couple new chassis and new incar cam, which is a first for me. Thanks to Dave for his teachings and help, to Darren for his renders on the mod, and to the Mod Squad for hosting it. Also included are new tire package and updated physics. The handling will be the same, but the redline is more accurate at about 7500. I think it was actually around 7000 back in the day.


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Re: Nascar Legends 1965 Released by: Scott Hawbaker
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Downloaded this today and loved it. Found the tire physics meant I am able to get the car loose into corners like Atlanta 1 and 3 much more than the 68 mod. Liked that. Felt like driving an older car on narrow tires more than other mods which is exactly the feel I want from a "vintage" mod. The pictures don't do it justice - looks better at 1280 x 1024 than most screen shots or the in game photos show. Front of the galaxie bothers me, but this just me nit picky. In game you see backs of cars more than anything. 
Thanks again Scott for another classic.
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