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Langley Speedway Released by: Speedyman11
« on: August 16, 2016, 10:30:34 PM »
Langley Speedway Released by: Speedyman11

Langley Speedway is a race track located in Hampton, Virginia, in the United States. In November 1970, it became the site of the last Grand National race before the series was renamed Winston Cup. Langley Speedway is a paved short track measuring 0.395 miles in length, it is one of the flattest tracks in the region with only six degrees of banking in the corners and four degrees on the straights.

The track contains 16 working pit stalls.

Permission was granted by J.R. Franklin of Project Short Tracks for the NR2003 version  to be converted to Nascar Heat.   There are several modelers who worked on the NR2003 version to make the immersion of this track look awesome.. 
Credits, J.R. Franklin, Wayne Anderson, Matt Gilson, Ian Smythe, Ben Althen, Carl Sundberg and Aaron Maynard


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Re: Langley Speedway Released by: Speedyman11
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Great job, finally got to run some laps last night. I love the short tracks and if I ever get around to making a series for myself to race, this track will be included. Once again, great job...... (Y) :good2: (Y)


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