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G3 2020 Nascar Cup Series Mod Released By: Blaxman
« on: August 11, 2020, 05:57:49 PM »

Demo Video:

Hello, folks!!!!!

Here's the 2020 Nascar Cup Series mod for Platinum G3

Before we go any further......  THANKS to DaveO, Speedyman11, DusterLag!!!    :applaud:

The 2020 models and mod features are described below:

The options are:

- Model name: MCCM (for Camaro with light green dashboard cockpit)

- Model name: CMHV (for Camaro with hood view, no cockpit)

- Model name: MCMU (for Mustang or Camry green gauges+bargraph RPM meter cockpit)

- Model name: MUHV (for Mustang or Camry with hood view, no cockpit)

Additionally to 43 real life drivers and paints, there's 3 drivers that have alternate paint schemes:

Chase Elliot - Hoosier scheme

Darrell Wallace Jr. - McDonald's scheme

Denny Hamlin - Civil Rights Museum scheme

User and league managers warnings!

 1- Even if some models have the same name as last mod version, do not try to use or mix older models to this mod.  That won't make it any better and will trigger "cheating" warnings in online races.

 2 -Updated Bristol and Darlington tracks are included into the mod folder. So...  when racing these tracks online, league managers make sure to upload them to your servers (never fogetting to save the original first).

 3- League managers must check/ask if the drivers are using the correct version of the mod seen in the Options and Online Chating Room screens.  The version displayed must be
"G3-W8 202x".

This mod is best used with 2018's G3-ME track pack. For each one of these tracks, the mod keeps the feature called ghostcar that will be explained below.

Ghostcar feature for practicing (only at G3-ME tracks):

  You can take the ghostcar feature ON at Setup screen after loading the desired track.  With this feature activated, the mod will bring "average laps" raced by the PACECAR as guide.  Then... when the user beats the pacecar lap time, it becomes himself the lap to beat. So... as the user gets himself improved.... it has to beat himself more and more.

 Now... here's the coolest part:

Once the user participates of online races, the best laps ever record of the races will be captured/recorded on his mod records.  So, for example: Let's say "whoever" scored the BEST LAP EVER on the raced track. The user will later be able to race against "whoever's" ghostcar (as long as he wants) and try to adjust his car or skills to catch "whoever" and beat him up next time they go online.  :icon_mrgreen:

 Mod installation:

We have being trying to keep it simple. To avoid all those problems Windows 7, 8 or 10 use to have with Windows putting things on the wrong places or virtual folders. We are providind the mod in folders. 

All the user need to do is the following....

For the mod:

 Unzip the Mod pack, copy the G3CupSeries2020 folder and paste it into your Nascar HEAT folder. 

For the tracks (only if you never intalled this pack yet, if you already have it, you wont need to do it again):



2020 mod link:;sa=view;down=1334

Tracks (just in the case you need it):;sa=view;down=980

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