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Platinum G3: 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series mod Released
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:43:32 PM »
by: Blaxman

Hello, race fans!!!!!

Here's the 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series mod for Platinum G3.  Another big effort made by the Nascar Heat community to make possible to release this (even if not as early as we are used to).

This installment provides updated options for the 2018 Cup models (while keeps the 2017 ones for "vintage use" if the user wants to keep it).

The 2018 models are described below:

The options are:

- Model name: MCCM (for Camaro ZL1, blue dashboard cockpit)

- Model name: CMHV (for Camaro with hood view, no cockpit)

- Model name: MCTF (for Toyotas or Fords green gauges/bargraph RPM meter cockpit)

- Model name: TFHV (for Toyotas or Fords with hood view, no cockpit)

G3-ME Track Pack (only if you never intalled this pack yet):

 The mod also features the 23 updated tracks used for Monster Cup schedule. 24 tracks in total since Daytona has an additional night version included. For each one of these tracks, the mod keeps the feature called ghostcar that will be explained below.

Ghostcar feature for practicing (only at G3-ME tracks):

  You can take the ghostcar feature ON at Setup screen after loading the desired track.  With this feature activated, the mod will bring "average laps" raced by the PACECAR as guide.  Then... when the user beats the pacecar lap time, it becomes himself the lap to beat. So... as the user gets himself improved.... it has to beat himself more and more.

 Now... here's the coolest part:

Once the user participates of online races, the best laps ever record of the races will be captured/recorded on his mod records.  So, for example: Let's say "whoever" scored the BEST LAP EVER on the raced track. The user will later be able to race against "whoever's" ghostcar (as long as he wants) and try to adjust his car or skills to catch "whoever" and beat him up next time they go online.  :icon_mrgreen:

 So.....  it's up to the drivers now.

 Mod installation:

We are trying to make it simple this time around. To avoid all those problems Windows 7, 8 or 10 use to have with Windows putting things on the wrong places or virtual folders. We are providind the mod and tracks in folders. 

All the user need to do is the following....

For the mod:

 Unzip the Mod pack, copy the CotPlatinumG3 folder and paste it into Nascar HEAT folder.  New users installing the mod for the first time will only need this. No need to install base files.  For the older users, who already have the 2017 (or older) mod working, they just need to confirm to overwrite the existing files.  That's it.

For the tracks (only if you never intalled this pack yet, if you already have it, you wont need to do it again):

 Unzip the pack, select all track files together, copy and paste them all into the Run folder (that is into Nascar HEAT folder). That's it.

We'll be available to respond any questions and provide some help if needed. Just let us know....   󰀀 


 I wish to express my deepest appreciation to each person who helped us to build this mod and kept this project alive being by their work or moral support!!!   
 Thanks to Wes Whitney Jr, Daniel Nace, Grumpy, DaveO, Speedyman11, Bandit, Rogue!!!!    :applaud: :applaud:

 Very special thanks to Cosmin Ioanesju and Douglas Allen for giving us permission to convert and adapt their Camaro model for the mod.

OK....  that said.....  have fun and  GOOD RACING!!!!!

2018 mod link:;sa=view;down=1253

Tracks (just in the case you need it):;sa=view;down=980

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Re: Platinum G3: 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series mod Released
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2018, 06:09:27 PM »
Thanks for the hard work everyone  (Y) So, when do we get a render scene for the Camaro?
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Re: Platinum G3: 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series mod Released
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2021, 07:22:39 AM »
The Mod does not show up in the NH mod launcher.

Also the Resolution patcher for NH does not work at all.

Done with NH ,too many problems on Windows 10  to worry about.

The 2021 mod works but CTD's when you select championship mode so errors galore and frustration with NH so far.

Nothing seems to work properly.


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