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DaveO says: @TeamEcu you login exactly the same way you login into the forum.
DaveO says: @Wjw1888 For the CWS truck renders, they are located under the game "Nascar Heat"  renders for CWS15 work for NR2003 and Nascar Heat.
TeamEcu81991720 says: Hi good evening, I was wondering why I can't login to submit renders?
Wjw1888 says: To whoever is making the double CWS15 renders, how TF are you doing that??? Can't find the double scene option anywhere in the list.
ncs_racing says: @The89Accord
what i usually do is copy and paste the file, so then you upload the copy of the file rather than the original. maybe it would work then...make sure it's 2048x2048 too!
The89Accord says: im not sure where to say this but each time i attempt a render, it says .tga is not a valid extension yet it wont let me submit anything but .tga
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