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Updated Iowa Motor Speedway By: DaveO
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:27:19 AM »
Iowa Motor Speedway Released By: DaveO


Iowa Motor Speedway is now available for Heat.  :P

Iowa Motor Speedway is a conversion from NR2003,  was Originally created by Mark Royer, and updated by again by Freddy and Sean Enterprises.  We have permission from Mark Royer, and Badhairday (Sean).

They had did an excellent job on the original version. and the FSE updated version.. :D

I have tried to extend the original version for Heat with additions and changes beyond the original NR2003 version.  There is just way to much to list of all the additions we have added. 

Smokes Sky Dome has been included and really gives the feeling of "movement" ingame, and eliminates the repetitive nature of the scheme used in the original Heat method.

I would like to thank:

Badhairday (Sean) for given me permission to convert his track to Nascar Heat. :mrgreen:

Smoke: As usual for all your generous feedback and support, and beta testing.

Blaxman:  For all  your feedback, support and beta testing.

Cruisectrl:  For creating the Setup and GCF.  Beta Testing The setup for this track works with the G3 Nationwide mod..   Thank  you also for all the hole testing I put you thru.

J.R. Franklin, for allowing me to you  use some of your hires trees!

Rookiesrock: Beta Testing, support and feedback!;sa=view;down=2

Enjoy!  Dave   :mrgreen:

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