Shoutbox History
bill1947 says: A couple of new Pontiac Templates for NR2003.  :)
Luis Felipe says: Alguien me puede hacer una presentación en render para mi auto de Nr2003?
DaveO says: Rendering system is back online.  Enjoy!!
SteamsDev says: Hello! I just want to say thanks for all you do! Your work on the render system and supporting NASCAR Heat is fantastic. I got my chance to try NASCAR Heat a few months ago and it was pure gold for me! Hope to see more from TMS in the future!
DaveO says: Due to the northeast expecting a Hurricane on Sunday, the render system is being shutdown for the next few days.  Will be experiencing outrages, flooding and storm surges.  Please be patient for a few days.  

DaveO says: @HarleyQuin??  We don't support Nascar Heat 5.  We support the original Nascar Heat game, which runs on the PC.
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