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Nascar Heat & Platinum Mods Installation Guide
« on: May 31, 2011, 07:53:32 PM »
[align=center] How to install the base game for all the mods available:[/align]


1- Install Nascar Heat Essentials 2 (specially Windows 7 Users)

 If you dont have the full game CD, you need you need to install the "Nascar Heat Essentials" pack in order to run Platinum-family mods (or any other mod).

 Get the Nascar HEAT Essentials 2 installer here (dont worry, it\'s perfectly legal):


Heat Essentials 2 was developed to further simplify installation for new Windows versions and new racers. It eliminates some of the biggest common issues for new racers or those upgrading.

This great package includes...
- NASCAR Heat Core Engine & Files
- Final 1.80 Patch
- NT Patch
- Mod Launcher 2 by TheMask (Critical for new mods & features)
- UI Control Center by TheMask (Critical to get the most out of your graphics)
- Windows Permission Updates (Critical for new machine security features) (Optional based on Windows version)
- Simple Automatic Installation Process (Always installs to the correct default folder on all Windows versions)
- Simplified single installation and uninstall process
- Installs safely over any existing Heat installation

This does not include the original (or any) carset or tracks. If you have the NASCAR Heat CD and wish to race original tracks, browse to the folders and locate the "Data" folder,
inside copy all the *.trk files to the "run" folder of your Heat installation.

All mods and tracks must be downloaded separately...

  Make sure to install the game in the default location (drive C: ). Making that will avoid issues. :wink:


 Windows 7 and Vista users must run Mod Launcher as administrator (ie right click & select "run as administrator") then confirm by clicking accept... It cannot change any files (ie change the carset) otherwise.[/color][/b]

Here\'s a nice illustrated guide on how to make it work properly on Windows 7 and Vista:
(Thanks Duster Lag and HeatFinder for the guide)

  After the steps above, your basic Nascar Heat game is ready.... go to any Heat website and get some mods. You can try the Mod Squad download Section here:

[align=center]|[SEE MORE (TheModSquad registration required)]|[/align]



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